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Our Story

The Argyle House” was originally the head offices of arguably Australia’s largest and most successful company, the Australian Agricultural Company (AA Coy), incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1824. Though its charter was controversial in its extent of providing a monopoly over convict labour, land and coal mining, and was famously challenged by James Brown amongst others, the AA Coy did succeed in industrial and business ventures that included sheep and wool, coal and the subdivision of vast quantities of crown land. The building is a record of the AA Coy and the importance of Newcastle in the economic success of this company in the mining and export of coal from both Newcastle and the South Maitland Coal fields, and represents a prosperous period of the AA Coy in coal mining.  The former Argyle House and its later extensions for use by the AA Coy are rare surviving built evidence of the company in Newcastle. One other surviving building includes the Mine Managers House at Hamilton (residence of the AA Coy from 1848-1914.) Other associated places are the township of Stroud and Stroud House, the first headquarters of the pastoral arm of the AA Coy until about 1860.
Argyle House was built in the 1860s and to this day is a prominent building on the corner of Wharf Road and Argyle Streets. The Victorian Georgian style building is distinguishable in this view from Wharf Road and retains the verandah and cast iron filigree work and columns. Also evident are the later numerous extensions dating from 1903 to 1919 designed by Menkens and Castleden, well known and prolific architects in Newcastle and the Hunter. The building remained as the head office for the AA Coy from 1860 until its sale in 1967 and the relocation of the company’s head office to Tamworth in 1969. Though altered for nightclub use, with its change of use to Fanny’s Tavern and then a nightclub after its sale, it does retain some of its architectural value. 

Prior to The Argyle House the venue was know as Coyotes Nightclub and Fanny’s Nightclub for 17 years. The Argyle House is also State listed Heritage building.


Wednesday: 9.00pm-3:30am. Every Week.


Argyle House are always looking for fun & vibrant staff who wish to join our team. For all job enquiries please email your resume & a profile picture to

For any up & coming DJ’s who are hoping to pick up a few sets please email your full details and  to please list your experience & style of music you play, we are always after fresh DJ’s who can bring in a crowd & are committed to also promoting the hotel.

Dress Regulations

The Argyle House has a firm dress policy, clean, neat and tidy is the key. No ripped, torn or dirty clothing allowed. It’s also about the way an individual carries themselves with their attire.
Please feel free to ask any questions in regards to dress regulations before lining up.
Hairstyles – Rats tails, mohawk and mullet hairstyles are not accepted. All other hairstyles must be in line with our clean, neat and tidy policy.
Shirts/Jackets – The following clothing will not be allowed – brands associated with fighting sports, large logos, sporting logos, alcohol branded clothing, sporting teams or sponsor logos. Some uniforms may also be excluded.Hooded jumpers must not be worn with the hood on inside the venue.
Shorts – Shorts are accepted, however no board shorts, excessively baggy pants, some work pants, cargo pants and tracksuit pants.
Footwear – All footwear must be clean and tidy, however we will not accept the following styles: joggers, work boots, steel or hard capped boots, thongs or ugg boots.
Accessories – Visible tattoos are apart of your overall appearance. Offensive or intimidating tattoos will not be accepted. Thick gold or silver chains must be removed prior to entry. Any large rings may also need to be removed. Sunglasses are not to be worn in the hotel, this includes on top of your head. However sunglasses and hats can be checked into our cloak room at no charge.
If you are showing signs of intoxication you will not be permitted entry into the hotel.

Entry is at the discretion of door staff and management.

Lost and Found

Lost something at the venue? If it is a tangible item (i.e. not your dancing ability/imaginary friend) some kind soul may have handed it in. Shoot us an email or call 4929 5333 & we will have a look in our lost property book. All items found by staff are recorded on where they found the item and what time, we take lost items very seriously.


The Argyle House has RSA policies in place, if signs of intoxication are shown you will be asked to leave the premises. The Argyle House has zero tolerance to drug activity, please note any suspicious activity will be reported to the police.


The Argyle House is a member of the Newcastle Entertainment Precinct.

The Newcastle Entertainment Precinct has been formed by Newcastle late night venues within the Newcastle Entertainment Precinct. The precinct has been designed to have common banned patron information between these venues in order to provide a safe environment within our entertainment precinct & to support those individuals who do the right thing while out at night. 

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